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Probank Services are geared to the Corporate controller and the HR manager who are seeking a simple, yet effective, alternative to streamline their department's resources. Our resume screening and contractor services provide for both of these needs.

Resume Screening Service:


HR Manager, Probank works diligently critiquing resumes and pre-qualifying applicants, for permanent and contract positions in the mid to upper skill levels and in all disciplines.

Tell us your needs, be as specific as you wish, Probank will initiate the selection process, and manage the flow of resumes to you, without cost or obligation. Probank's primary focus is to assist you in streamlining your department, as you reduce costs and increase productivity. Make Probank your first contact for the individuals you are looking for. Contact us at info@probankservices.com


Independent Contractor Services:


Corporate controller, Probank recommends independent contractors to handle certain administrative, technical and consulting projects that are time specific, and require the superior skills and commitment of independent contractors whose livelihood is completely dependent on their ability to meet your expectations; you pay only for results.

If dedication, integrity and superior performance, is important to you then request Probank's assistance with independent contractors. Contact us at info@probankservices.com


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